Friday, 13 November 2009

Well I have been making my creations for 1 Week now!! and i am loving it!! :) :) i have so so so sooo many idea's i cant wait to make :)

here are some photos of my spider with her baby,

She will hopefully be getting some new arms next week and i might have another go at making her some stronger legs so she can stand :P at the moment she just likes to sit on her tuffet with her little worm baby :) also i'm going to make some arms for her wormy husband then they can be a family!



  1. Your creations are so Cool Katie, I can see a Coraline dolll in the making? Lots of luck to you in your new venture Kate xxx

  2. Good luck Katie....looks like you have inherited your Mams talent...lucky you.

    These are great and I love your banner.

    p.s Ella is adorable :-)

  3. Well done Katie, I am delighted to see a budding artist at the embro stage of her creations.
    June xx

  4. These are fabulous Katie good luck with your creations.
    Debie xxx